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WordPress is the best blog platform on earth, well at least that’s in my thought. SEO with wordpress is also easy I can say it already out of the box. The only problem SEO with wordpress is… everybody also using wordpress 🙂 If you want standout from the crowd you need something different doing SEO with wordpress. One of the plugin i like so much is SEO pressor. SEOpressor is an SEO plugin for wordpress form Daniel Tan.

seo with wordpress

Recently I experiment with SEOPressor and very satisfied with the result, below is the details:
Keyword: bisnis jeunesse
Google :
Position: #2
Search result: 441,000

Keyword: peluang bisnis jeunesse
Google :
Position: #1
Search result: 462,000

Keyword: reserve jeunesse
Google :
Position: #12
Search result: 18,200,000

Keyword: bisnis modal kecil
Google :
Position: #16
Search result: 5,780,000

And many other post on my website have good position on search engine. If you need to know what exactly SEO pressor doing to optimized your post please refer this post.

SEOPressor now is version 5 with following feature:

Calculates On-Page SEO Scores instantly when refreshing
– Possesses the Secret Algorithm That Correlates With Google
– Provides One-Glance Fast & Easy SEO Management
– Intelligently Gives Suggestions On What To Tweak
– Drives Red-Hot Organic Traffic To Your Website
– Runs super fast – doesn’t slow down your WordPress site like other plugins


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Author - February 16, 2013
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